Spooky2 Has Helped My Family

By | May 13, 2022

Hello Spooky Community,

As a parent of a medically complex child, I have tried many different treatments and modalities. Some have helped, others have not. Frequencies is something that we have been help. I learned about Rife machines and was very interested and in doing my research the Spooky2 came up again and again. I thought the name was a little funny, but I decided to go down the rabbit hole and research it. What really convinced me to try it is my experience with Spooky2 official support and the responsiveness and knowledge of the Facebook community.

Thus far, I have been using it purely remotely. What what I have seen, though it does sound kind of out there, it works. Placebo is not at work here, as I did not tell my wife or son which frequencies I run. When I had a cold, it cleared up much quicker and felt much better faster than my wife. We have a 10 week old infant and my wife unfortunately developed mastitis. She did everything by the book, but I feel that Spooky2 did assist her with reducing the pain and helped with recovery. I continue to experiment and looking toward upgrading my units soon.

Lastly, I’d like to say this. Even as a IT professional, admittedly it was a lot of reading and watching videos. Of course also asking questions to the community of dedicated volunteers. It is a lot at first, but you got this! It does require commitment and dedication to learning how it works and lots of experimentation. Your health and the health of your loves ones is worth the time investment. I have seen other claimed Rife machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars. I think Spooky2 is very reasonably priced and a good entry to Rife/Frequency therapy, if you are committed to learning about it. You have a very knowledgeable and passionate community to lean on. You’ve got this!

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