Spooky2 Helped A 6-Year-Old Boy with Cysts and Sores in The Mouth

By | January 12, 2022

Boy 6 years old struggling with painful cysts and sores in his mouth for 3 weeks. Seen doctor some mouth gel prescribed. Was getting worst he couldn’t eat was painful for him. He ended up in ER as he had high temperature and sores on his lips. Sent home with paracetamol 🤦🏻‍♀️. His mum tried with herbal remedies no big improvement.
I was asked by his mother if I can try with frequencies as I previously helped her. I was very cautious about his age, but decided to try. I took saliva sample ran the scan on sample digitizer. Then I run in remote kill present using scan results. Next day cysts in his mouth bursted it gave him relief. I followed up with 1 day maintenance detox. He started gettig back to normal, temperature dropped down but new discovery was found. Chicken pox finally came out. I ran on him chicken pox programs with blood purification for half day each for next 2 days. He only got couple spots and his energy was coming back. On the 5th day I ran Immune support and 6th day healing and regeneration just to seal everything up.
He was poorly for weeks and I’m extremely happy he responded so well. I was in constant contact with his mother even seen him once to control the situation.

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