Spooky2 Helped Me and My Mother

By | November 27, 2019

I was searching for alternative healing methods when I became aware of Spooky2. I really did not know much about it, but needed to try something different that might help with all the health and pain issues my mom and I were having.

I have been out of work due to a car accident and depended on my mom’s Social Security. For this reason, it was really hard for us to purchase a Spooky2 kit. When we finally had some funds we opted to purchase 2 individual-standalone generators with remote (we could not afford the essential kit), but at least we could get started with the remote feature.

We started slowly to experiment with the machines, we ran the terrain detox presets for 11 days on one machine, while the other machine tackled the different health issues. It’s always a juggling act to see who is going to be treated for we have different issues.

Some presets we used were for pain and inflammation, things like arthritis and joint issues. Heal spurs resolved quickly. I would run programs for days at a time. (But now I have come to realize, that some conditions might take months to resolve using a combination of contact and remote, which would explain why some conditions improved quite rapidly while others needed to be constantly repeated to see improvement). I would run individual programs around one central ailment (for example song of spine, inflammation, pain relief, joints) if needed we used a chain sequence and then ran those programs for few days. My mom responded quite well to the frequencies and that made me happy.

Some of the conditions we ran presets for were for arthritis, COPD, Crohn’s, thyroid nodules (still working on this, but I can swallow things better) pain and inflammation, teeth-gum recession (not sure yet, but sensitivity is gone), chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, just to name a few. And we also used it to kill ants. We placed a few freshly dead ants on the remote and in a few days, all ants were gone…Yes!

My mother has mobility problems due to her hips, although she also had pain from her back. Doctors told her she would need back surgery, but it would be risky to operate. Instead, she had cortisone shots. At the beginning, the effects were long-lasting, but now the effects only last about 3 weeks. Medicare now is stricter and the guidelines changed, so she can’t have that many injections done, besides they were not really helping her. Because of this, we now use Spooky to control her pain. I used all the preset programs for bone and inflammation, hip joint, joint pain, various ligament, and tendon presets, inflammation1 and 2, song of spine and many healing and regeneration programs. I run all these programs nonstop, for a few days. This helps her regain her mobility and has less pain.

Besides this mother also suffers from Bronchial asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Lung fibrosis. Breathing is quite a challenge. She needs to move slowly and sits often to catch her breath. Since running programs for these issues, she can breathe a bit easier. It takes longer before she’s out of breath. I know the problem is not resolved, but it makes her live a bit easier to manage.

I, on the other hand, had bilateral rotator cuff tears and suffered from debilitating pain in the neck and shoulder area. Knees have arthritis, plus meniscus tear. I could barely walk, had to use a walker to get around. I went to physical therapy, but the pain was even worse, could not sleep because of the pain, pain killers were not working. So I started to use Spooky2 and slowly started to feel better. Although, pain is not completely gone, there are days that I have less pain. And best of all I can walk without a walker.

Since using spooky2 mother and I started to feel better, sometimes it took longer for pain to return, more mobility, neck pain, and stiffness is less, have more neck flexibility, don’t know if the meniscus is healed, but I can walk now, which is a good thing…for now, my mother needs me more than ever…

Mother had a heart attack! Good thing I was home and called 911 and gave her an aspirin while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The aspirin saved her life.

Mother developed A-Fib (Atrial Fibrillation) while in the hospital. Doctors prescribed new medication and sent her home.

A few weeks later, the mother was referred to a hematologist-oncologist. The mother’s hemoglobin had gone down to 10.2 which is very unusual for her. She was feeling very tired and weak. We thought it had to do with her heart attack…but after bone marrow biopsy, she now has a rare form of blood cancer. CANCER! The six-letter word that everyone dreads…was now knocking at our door.

So now what do we do? Mother is too weak, can’t even eat. The process of eating, gets her even more exhausted (it takes about 2 hours for her to finish her meals-she needs to take breaks in between each mouthful). Hemoglobin is too low but does not meet the threshold for blood transfusion. Iron is prescribed but is not working fast enough. Her body is constantly itching. This is where spooking comes in… I used a generator to raise her hemoglobin and to stop her itch. It worked! Her itching stopped almost immediately (15-20 mi) after the program had started. I ran blood cleanser, blood purify, colloidal silver, itching programs. And the problem was gone!

I told the oncologist about the rife generator. One did not know what it was, and the other looked at me like I was crazy. I explained to him how I used the machine, I gave him a few examples including the way mother was itching, and how the itch was gone (turns out this is a symptom from cancer). After talking about it for a while, he said I could try it.

Not only did Spooky2 helped my mom with her itch, but it also helps her with bone pain from cancer, coughing due to medication side effects, to raise her hemoglobin. (She was 10.2 and we got it to 11.3) This does help her feel better.

Mother suffered another A-Fib episode, so bad that it seemed she was having another heart attack. She was hospitalized. During the course of her hospital stay, they drew blood every few hours, because they needed to monitor her enzymes and new medication effects on her heart. She was hospitalized on a Friday and released on Monday. She went in with hemoglobin levels being 11.3 When she was released her levels were down to 9.2 (She did not meet the threshold for blood transfusion, so none was given) She was very weak and tired, lethargic, she could barely speak. When we got home, I immediately put her on spooky to raise her hemoglobin. I knew it was working, for I could see her feeling better, starting to eat, being more alert. Three weeks later new labs were done. Her hemoglobin was now 11.4. This is the highest it’s been in months, but this time it went up in just three weeks. It Worked!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long testimonial, just wanted you to see the benefits we received by using Spooky2 while letting you know all the heartache my Mom is going through.

May you all have a wonderful Thanks Giving!

Thank You

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