Spooky2 Helped Me Get Rid of My Cough and Other Diseases

By | September 13, 2021

I’ve had tinnitus for many many years, no wonder it’s not working for me 😎 I keep at it anyway, since it’s easy to do with the Miramate SL-02 wrist laser. I recommend Spooky2 to anyone that will listen 👌

In case you would like to have some feedback, I’m finally getting rid of my chronic (20 years!) and productive cough.
I’ve used the XM for 2.5 years and it’s helped a lot, but when I added tuning forks about 6 weeks ago (C128 weighted and C256, G384 harmonic) and a chi machine, after only a week of using them (with the OM 136.1 fork) my cough is ALMOST no longer productive.
With XM for two years it came down about 80% and I would cough and expectorate for 15 min rather than an hour…but I still couldn’t get rid of it. So it’s finally down to about 99.95 less than usual, I’m thrilled.
I will also mention that I was killing cancer (blood) for the last 18 months so I thought that as I kept getting better and better and cured, the cough would also “go away” with the cancer, but it didn’t…so I’ve done everything to get myself to homeostasis. Diet, of course. Mental and emotional work, E Oils, homeopathy, gemmotherapy, Red light therapy, EMF protection, on and on…(I’m turning 59 in October) so I’m thrilled to be so much better. The scoliosis is almost resolved as well. SO many good things to thank the creator for, and that I am so grateful for 👏🍎
I’m also grateful for the Spooky2!! I can’t imagine life without it. The thing is, I know that I’m not even using it to it’s full potential. I still have a lot to learn. Maybe now that I’m well I’ll have the capacity to delve deeper into it. Thank you to everyone at Spooky2!

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