Spooky2 Helped Me Get Rid of Toxins

By | November 11, 2022

From Artur Mantura To Everyone:
I still running Terain Nr 2 NON STOP on 1 GenX ,sametimes on 3 slots with conjuction to pure destiled water, EDTA and 21 or 30 days water fasting twice per year. All of that since 2019 when John White and his staff helped me by advise how to ged rid severe toxins poison which appears badly on my skin….I done what they advised, aded pure water to whole house, fasting and lot of fermented foods and drinks. All problems gone!!! Yes i have 2 gen x 2 xm and scalar…and now time for gen X PRO. Thanks John for all your work for us , for your team and great Guests providing training for us!

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