Spooky2 Helped Me With High Blood Pressure And Back Pain

By | February 14, 2022

New to Spooky2, bought the starter kit in November and 3 additional XM generators with remotes in December. Started the Terrain in December. So, first I have high blood pressure. With the doctors help we’ve gotten it down to an average of 170/65. I know, not ideal to be sure. Since Terrain, I’ve watched it drop little by little each week. Until last week it was an average of 155/60. Haven’t done anything except terrain until a few days ago. About 3 days ago, something in my back said hello. It was kinda of like a big slap in the head as it said it, because not only was a stabbing pain in my lower back, it came with the inability to breath. I could take only the tinest of breaths or the pain increased. I’ve had my bouts with pain in my life. After taking my snowmobile flying, I didn’t quite stick the landing and spiral fractured my femur into many pieces. They say that is some of the worst pain, but frankly that wasn’t bad at all. This back pain with not being able to breath, that one takes the cake. When I got home, I tried to make it upstairs, you know, bedroom/spooky2, couldn’t do it. I was stuck with essential oils and vibration. Slept in the easy chair. Next day, more of the same but in the evening I felt like I could tackle getting to spooky2. You guys really need to improve the programing, I know, I know, it’s the best there is out there, but trying to figure it out while crying like a little girl, because the pain is so intense and trying not to breath, those are the days that a one button push would be helpful. You could call it the “Sissy Girl” button, I would use it. Finally made it downstairs, passing out on the stairs wouldn’t have been good, and it was close, the vision was narrowing in. Spent another night in the easy chair and when I got up, 80% better. I could feel it warming my spine and it felt like tiny electrical impulses were going off on my spine. Kept it slow the next day, felt like I could go lifting, but didn’t and kept Spooky2 on as well. Next night, I felt like I could sleep in my own bed. Well, maybe that was not a good idea. Felt good, but after awhile my back would start hurting and I’d move. I thought it was about every hour of so. My wife said it was like I had restless leg syndrome, constantly moving, she didn’t sleep all night. Interesting thing for me, I had a very vivid dream and would try to start another one, but it was the same dream over and over. I felt like the movie Groundhog Day. Today the back is better than it has been for a long time. It’s been stiff for years, haven’t been able to pop my back in years, lower, middle, upper, neck, like a solid rock. Today, I can feel it moving, lower, middle, upper, neck. I feel great and will head back into the garage tomorrow to start a project. Oh, and the blood pressure dropped another 10 points. It’s getting so much closer, 145/56. In fact, I would take that forever. Thank you Spooky2!

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