Spooky2 helped me with hip pain and sleep

By | October 14, 2022

Good Day! I was searching for information about RIFE and how it worked and just happened to stumble on the Spooky2 web site by accident. I read information on the sites and was intrigued. I checked out the equipment and yes it was a bit expensive but then I thought, Its still less than my insurance deductable for the year and an investment at the same time. I can help my body heal and when I learn more about how everything works, I can begin to help others heal as well. I am not very computer savy so this is the part that I struggle with. I do have a Bachelors in Nursing so I hope that it will be useful when starting to run the programs for different diseases and conditions. I have had the equipment for about three weeks the scalar and gen x pro. I have been sleeping most nights with either pure scalar or moecular scalar with frankincense oil and DMSO on the receiver. I suffer from severe right hip pain and have been getting great pain relief when using the products on the receiver. The sleep that I have been getting is awesome, when I wake up in the morning I don’t even want to get up because It feels so good to be in the scalar field. I did finally get a dedicated laptop with windlows 11 to run the Gen X just the other day and a wonderful friend helped get the program up and running for me. Next is to spend some time watching videos. I did get the BFB up and running. I plan on doing a scan later this afternoon. I also ordered the digitizer and remote which I’m waiting on. I would highly recommend this product and I’m excited to get started on this new learning journey.

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