Spooky2 helped My Fatty Liver Disease and Liver Toxins

By | November 25, 2019

For 6 months, I was suffering from:
1. lethargy
2. poor memory
3. poor digestion
4. intense bloating and belching
5. lack of stomach motility
6. lymph inflammation around the throat
7. muscle spasms and uncontrolled muscle twitching
8. arthritic pain in my knees
9. lack of bile production by liver resulting in decreased nutrient intake and fat absorption
10. Constantly ill with colds, flu, and bacterial infections to sinus and chest, weak immune system

Life was miserable for 6 months as 4 different doctors (family doctor, oncologist, gastroenterologist, acupuncturist) couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Blood tests showed all parameters were normal: sugar, hemoglobin, lipids, liver enzymes, thyroid, vitamin D, negative Lyme, no heavy metals, all normal. I was not feeling well, but my family doctor insisted I was fine and my negative emotions were creating and causing the symptoms. I decided to be my own advocate and take control of my health.

I started to look at my diet to see what may be contributing to my illness. Around 6 months ago, I decided and started to eat healthier by eating organic peanut butter and bread. I was eating organic peanut butter with two slices of organic bread in the morning and sometimes I will empty a jar of peanut butter within a week. Google search on peanut butter resulted in articles on aflatoxin poison from mold growing around peanut farm soils. Grains, corn, wheat, soy, beans, nuts, and rice which are all my favorite staples all contain traces of aflatoxin as well.

My visceral fat increased due to the aflatoxins from the food I ate. I have a digital scale at home that also measures visceral fat, which is fat around the torso and liver. My weight and visceral fat data are uploaded from the scale and stored in my cell phone so I can see my history. In the past 6 months, I saw that my visceral fat increased from normal to be in the high range. I started to correlate all my symptoms to my new diet of eating organic peanut butter and bread which were the sources of aflatoxins in my body. Further research resulted in revealing that aflatoxins cause liver failure in acute cases. In the initial phases, the liver will show signs of weakness and stress with lack of bile for digestion which results in poor nutrient absorption, unable to break down fats, bloating, lethargy, arthritis. I discovered I was in the initial stages of liver failure.

We are eating foods that have traces of aflatoxins because it is found in grains, corn, flour, soy, peanuts, beans, wheat, rice, nuts. When our bodies are healthy, we can handle the small amounts of aflatoxin by letting the liver use antioxidants like glutathione to remove it from the blood. However, because we eat foods that have pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins, and preservatives, our liver could get overwhelmed with toxins. When this happens, the liver will store the toxins into fat cells around the liver. The result is high amounts of visceral fat around the belly. Too much visceral fat from aflatoxins lead to fatty liver disease, and cancer because the liver could not do its job to detox the blood, and secondary diseases like high blood pressure and stroke, just to mention a few.

I decided to use the Spooky2 Windows-based software to find detox programs for aflatoxins. Fortunately, there were a handful of programs to pick from. One of the programs “Aflatoxin activation and detoxification” shows a detailed description of the types of aflatoxins and also supplements to take to help the detox: glutathione, L-glutamate(1-), glycine zwitterion, zinc(2+), acetic acid, dioxygen, water, hydron. The supplement “dioxygen” is actually O2, which is ubiquitous. There is are ways to increase oxygen in blood using special oxygen-based therapies like hyperbaric chambers, ozone, and sodium chlorite (another name is Master Mineral Solution, a simple O2 based cure pioneered by Jim Humble). I started to use the Spooky2 aflatoxin detox programs, the GX contact mode at night, and Remote mode during the day. I also bought from the Spooky2 mall and used at night the Miramate Big Magic to increase Schumann Resonance via PEMF into my body to increase healing. During the day, I also used the MMS2 protocol from Jim Humble, to quickly increase O2 concentration in my blood to degrade the aflatoxins in my organs. For the three days of using the detox program and MMS2, I also used intermittent fasting, skipping lunch and dinner to let my liver take longer rest periods. In the three days of treatment, I lost 3 pounds of visceral fat around my belly, liver function was back to normal breaking down fats and absorbing nutrients, arthritic knee pain healed, muscle spasms became part of history, my energy and mood skyrocketed! Thank you Spooky2 team for giving us the wealth of knowledge, software, GenX, and health kits like Miramate Big Magic to take care of our health!

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