Spooky2 Helped My Mother and My Dog with Arthritis and Allergy

By | January 12, 2022

I started my 85 y/o mother with the remote detox. She is just on day 7 and Ive noticed a big change on her appearance. In the past she complained of less sleep due to arthritis pain. Now aside from being more alert, she also reports no pain and sleeps much better. I will follow the suggested plan of 11 day detox, biofeeback scan, other healing programs then detox again. Will do these for 3 months and will report her progress. So far I’m glad I found this website and all the You Tube training which helped my decision to purchase 3 spooky Christmas kits. I also would like to report that I used several healing treatments on my dog and his skin allergies were gone within a week of daily treatment. So glad I decided to try Spooky2 before taking him to his vet. In the past he takes monthly allergy shots which is only good for a few weeks. Our journey has just began. I will report my family’s (and dog) progress after 3 months. Thank you Spooky2.

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