Spooky2 Helps Me Detox

By | May 27, 2022

I just added s plasma straight tube and central to my healing regiment as of May 16th, 2022 (kept the box to block the flashing while I sleep). While I was waiting for my plasma order to arrive, I watched several “SAMA” Podcast via Spooky2 videos. It appears that all of my know health conditions (Fibroids Tumors, pathogens, etc.) All have a common causal factor…heavy metal and chemical toxicity. That made since I swallowed a mercury filling that came out after 45 years and I was exposed to heavy metal/toxins in the work place a while back. My health never fully recovered from that. Soooooo, the 20 days of detox I did when I got my first 2 GM (blue) in my Spooky2 Essential kit last year (April 2021) was NOT enough detoxing. Thus since early April 2022, I have been running detox programs on all but 1 of my generators. The SAMA Podcast suggested I run that one on Candida programs while doing heavy metal detox. So I am running one Generator on M&L Immunomodulators with my personal scan and GRADED Candida scan. I use my Gen-X (gray) to do my weekly graded and full scans. So far my energy levels have gone up, my hearing has improved (I keep turning the volume lower on my TV and car radio) and my physical activity levels have increased. As long as I drink plenty of water (+11 cups/day), I don’t have any detox reactions. I’ll keep you posted

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