Spooky2 Helps My Life Long Asthma Issues

By | March 9, 2020

Well, I just had an interesting, if not short night. I started detoxing after midnight sometime, sweating, crazy dreams, restless. I couldn’t sleep past 3 am, looked at where I was on the Terrain program and I had just started detox Liver & Kidneys. So, whatever questions I had regarding whether remote worked or not, or whether frequencies generated via Spooky2 technology worked or not have been answered. I am also running a remote program for asthma, with several asthma and essential oils programs running, which are helping my life long asthma issues. Usually, out of habit, I will reach for my inhaler during the night when I wake up. Even with the herbal formulas I take, I would still use the inhaler. In the last couple of nights, I was able to hesitate to see if I really needed to use the inhaler, either physically, emotionally or ??? I was able to choose not to because my breathing was good enough to go back to sleep without the inhaler.

So none of this information is double-blind tested, or placebo tested, it is just my experience. And for me, this is good enough. After having asthma for 64 years, I know when something is helping, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thank you Spooky2 and everyone involved with the hardware and programs. I was wanting to find something that would take my health to the next level. I have worked with Chinese Herbs, diet changes, lifestyle changes, qi gung, emotional work and made great improvements in my health and wellness. Spooky2 adds another layer of health and wellness to my life and I am grateful.


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