Spooky2 Is Capable of Getting the Whole Body Back into Homeostasis

By | December 29, 2021

Hi! Since running the terrain (R) BY, I have a lot more energy, don’t need as much sleep and over all feel better. While I was running the program I had my gums and teeth hurt with pain running up the roots of my teeth. My liver just started to hurt and was sensitive to the touch. I had the usual aches and pains with flue like symptoms. I just purchased a 2ed generator X, I will keep running the detox as I’m still getting changes then will start the cancer program.
Hi! I am a 64 year old old metastasized breast cancer patient, diagnosed 8 years ago, I have not used conventional treatment, I added Spooky2 to my protocol as I have not been able to got the cancer cleared up. I just received spooky2 19 days ago and have been running the terrain (R) -BY. I needed to educate my self on the protocols and the use of the device. I have done many detox programs including 2 60 day programs in a sauna for 5 hours a day. which were amazing. Spooky2 from what I have learned is capable of getting the whole body back in to homeostasis. there is nothing better then that.
I’m So happy I found you as this truly is the only thing that will save us in this world we live in. I never do drugs of any kind and constantly doing detox programs to alleviate the toxins from the bad food, air and chemicals that are in this world. My Thanks to you all. I’m anxious to dive in and never stop.

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