Spooky2 Plasma Helps Heal Ulcerating Cancer Wound

By | April 1, 2024

Okay, so as far as treatments for the ulcerating cancer wound, we have continued the cancer protocol. Although I have been placing plasma right beside the ulcer not facing it but beside it so that plasma is facing my husband and it. The ball is actually in between his feet but it is pointing in the direction of of his body. I left it on PO6 the cancer protocol for 2 hours and he started complaining of it burning. He said it burnt it. Burnt him from the inside out is the way he described the pain. So of course I had to offset the pain with some frequencies from spooky to. I believe they were for cancer pain specifically and I played some pain relief modalities but after that is when we really seen progress with the healing of it. But also on top of spooky too.
We have been implementing muddy honey. It is a medicinal honey with. I will send you a screenshot or picture of what it is we are actually using. We had to order it from a medical supply website anyways. So we use the medicinal honey and then over that we use a calcium algonite dressing with the same type of honey infused into it and then I place a gauze over that and then we secure it with a bandage like a Ace bandage or a gauze roll and I leave it on for 24 hours and then we change it. But when we change it, we wash it with a iodine solution and wipe away any type of anything that’s not supposed to be there. We clean it pretty well and then dry that with a dry gauze and then we do the honey and the honey dressing the calcium algonite honey dressing.
And after one time using the honey and after the session was spooky too we seen extravagant progress
The treatments the cancer protocols that we are using. So my husband’s cancer is very advanced and it is. It’s all over his abdomen. It’s actually he’s got a mass. It’s 18 cm and it is in between his intestines and his spinal cavity so it’s putting pressure on his iliac and aortic artery, which is causing one of his legs swell significantly, but he has other masses in other places in his body, one of which is causing a hernia to push out. So right now what we’re trying to do is shrink them and the only way I can think of to do that is if I treat him okay so say we start the cancer protocol and we are doing P00P01 p02 P03 P04 P05 and then we go to start P06 the killing. We first do a scan. We do a general scan of his body and then we do a general skin or a scan of where we there’s known cancer. Well, we know that there is cancer in several places inside of my husband so I don’t just do once again I do multiple scans. I do I place the tens pads on. You know front and back where we know there is cancer and then I leave those tens pads there and I put place new tens pads on another known place of cancer and then so on so forth until we’ve covered all places of known cancer because each place in the body is going to have different frequency, especially if cancer or malignant cells can disguise themselves as other things in the body and hide and cracks and crevices or whatever they will eventually become immune to their own frequency. So it’s very very tricky how we’re going about this. So after I do the scans we start PO6 with his general scan and then the scan from his cancer and then his type of cancer also is part of PO6 and I’m just using PO6 as an example. I do this for every one of them PO7 PO8 and then PO9. We don’t do scans for so after we do the scans I get PO6 started. I play the scan for whichever part of the whichever area of cancer we are going to have the plasma at or the ultrasonic or the coil we switch off between them. Sometimes I use the plasma and the coil at the same time. Sometimes I just use the ball. I rarely use the long one because I feel like it’s just not as effective. But if he is asleep and I need to treat his whole back, I will lay the long tube beside him. So after we do one session of PO6 cuz you’re supposed to push PO6 PO7 PO8 PO9 as hard as you can for as long as you can. And you know for as long as your body can can take and he’s been pretty good at finishing the treatments if not doing them one full treatment and then even going into half of a second back to back. So we were told originally in the beginning that if you stop doing a session because you your body’s having her timer reactions that you stop there and then you start back over well the way I see it is. If that’s the case then how are we getting the frequencies from the end part of the treatment? So we try to finish each session on each place of cancer. So then after we do one area I go back in and I start PO6 again. But I started with another scan from another part of his body because I’ve already done the scans for all the places that is known for cancer and I just continue that PS7 POA and then PO9 there’s no scans and that’s pretty much how we’ve been treating on top of spooky

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