Spooky2 Reduced the Size of Goiter

By | June 12, 2020

My wife had a goiter which was quite pronounced as well as it giving her a choking feeling when lying down. I put her on it, goiter 1,2,3 as well as Thyroid and another generator which we both use 24/7 for Terrain Protocol and it has dramatically reduced the size of it to the point she no longer feels embarrassed hiding it by wear in G scarfs.

2 thoughts on “Spooky2 Reduced the Size of Goiter

  1. Ria


    I have hyperthyroidism and I can not tolerate allopatic medicine. I have a goiter and nodules and would like to schrinck them.
    Can you please expain which programs you used and whether or not your wife is hyper or hypo.

    I am using spooky for methimazole 2x a day 1 hour. The programs goiter have jodium and I am not sure whether I can have that.
    Thank you for your advice.

    1. Echo Lee Post author

      Hello Ria, this author mentioned that he or she used Terrain Protocol, maybe you could have a try. If you still feel confused, please send an email to our support team by support@spooky2-mall.com and we will help you.


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