Spooky2 Remote Works Well

By | September 29, 2021

I learnt about Raymond Rife through an electronics magazine around 20 years ago. I understand the complexity around building a stable and accurate frequency generator. The Spooky 2 generator and software is amazing for the price that it is set at.

To date I have used the terrain protocol, a dental protocol and some updated ‘flu’ protocols, all remotely. I noticed an immediate reduction in ache when I started the dental protocol. I am not too sure how effective are the others as the results are not very obvious but I believe they are working. I like being able to treat multiple people at the same time remotely with the terrain protocol.

The only difficulty is probably the manual which needs to be organised a little better. It would be quite difficult for a non technical person to understand how to get the best of the software. The software database itself is excellent and I am very grateful to the dedicated people who are adding in the new important frequencies. There would be very few companies and people out there who would be willing to undertake a task like this for the good of others.

Thank you.
Brian D.

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