Spooky2 Remote

By | March 3, 2023

When a few months ago I read that someone had used a piece of paper with name and date instead of a nail and reported success, I thought it was definitely impossible. But a month ago a friend was in IC given just a few hours of life because there was no exchange between his lungs and the circulation. so with no chance to get his nail I used just his name in the remote. He passed the night, then I adjusted the programs to everything that came to my mind from pneumonia, asphyxia, blood clotting, avitaminosis, brain frequencies. I had three remotes on him and changed the programs accordingly to the daily reports from the doctors. of course I can’t prove anything, but I’m sure it had an important part in his healing and after almost three weeks he could breath autonomously, the scan revealed no brain damage which was what we feared the most, and a few days ago he left the IC. it will still be a long journey but the worst has passed


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