Spooky2 Scalar and Scalar Digitizer Give Me Such Good Results for Me and My Wife.

By | April 26, 2019

I have been using the Scalar for many things and doing the biofeedback through the Scalar Digitizer and it gives me such good results for me and my wife. we both have serious illnesses that we are treating, with terrific results. The funny thing is that I can do my wife’s scan while she is asleep. I also used the spooky2 Pulse with the Tens pad and fingerclip option and it is different. I was able to define more with the Scalar non-heartbeat method for scanning. I was able to detect the specific Cancer cells in the body and the treat the body with the scalar.

I do recommend the scalar too for sleeping, as you can place frankincense, peppermint, Oregano, Sassafras, or any I feel I need. I also make in the treatment the water on the input plate (input side) and drink all day programmed with the biofeedback frequencies. With the scan I use the XM Generator to send remote the treatment, and use the Tens pads for direct treatment, then once a day I use the Scalar to do a treatment that is 2 hours usually. the tense is usually one hour through pre-sets. You see you hit the (Hits) with all you can from all angles available in spooky2.

I work the Scalar, Tens, Remote, XM and X generators all in unison to make the best effort for me in the Spooky2 set=ups. At the moment I am doing the 11 Day Detox Scheduled plan, but in between I do other scans to see the progress as it is definitely something that helps motivate me.

I recommend you using the Scalar as it is durable effective instantly, and helps in more than you can imagine.

Thanks for the opportunity to give my mini testimony on the Scalar, so please do not miss out on it as it is much easier to use once you have practiced it a bit.

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