Spooky2 Worked Well In Chest Infection and Immune System

By | January 7, 2023

until this little accident I was absolutely thrilled with the results of added extra finger nails of myself in the remote— I had a chest infection (that’s been reoccurring for 2 months. now) and when it comes around makes me quite depressed as I feel very ungrounded and unable to feel stable in my body- as I also get slightly out of breath, so I cant exert myself with anything.
I put on a immune boosting pre-set and had an early night as I was exhausted thinking
(I’m going to get an early one)
– after putting my sample in and starting, I lay down and I Immediately felt my immune system healing the chest infection! It- was so fascinating! and rleaxing! – I then could FEEL my body fixing up little bits here and there (my lymph node swoll in my neck for a time and then subsided) — i was lying down and SO EXECTED and fascinated that I couldn’t rest until 2 hours later- it was like watching a MOIVE WITH MY BODY with my eyes closed. i woke up today feeling fantastic!- have also put my family members samples in the remote too, (so there’s 3 of us in the immune boosting program)

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2398086560353233/

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