Spooky2 Works For My Teeth And Acne

By | March 10, 2022

I have only been using my device for a couple of weeks. The learning curve has been a bit steep, but Spooky does provide many helpful resources. I have used it for my teeth, which were experiencing sensitivity while eating and for acne that I have contended with for the last 40 years. My teeth no longer are sensitive and my my skin feels different in a way I have not experienced. It just feels drier and like the layer where cysts form has just been heeled. These results were all achieved using the remote mode. I had the acne setting going for most of the day and then I noticed that my face was unusually red. I realized it must be the generator and turned it off. The redness went away and my skin has felt great since. This technology works, even in remote mode.

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