Spooky2’s Magic Effect for My Friend with Depression and Anxiety

By | September 17, 2021

Hello 🌻 I’ve wanted to share an amazing experience I had using Spooky2 PEMF. Since I’m so new with Spooky2 GenX I’ve been focused on Remote and Contact Mode with a dabbling of Digitizer (SD) thrown in.. I’ve been watching Spooky2 videos on PEMF and got excited to try it. So I asked a friend, who suffers from severe depression and anxiety and was recently diagnosed with Tourettes, if I could set up a Spooky2 Program for her. She said yes πŸ‘ She cannot take meds for the Tourettes because of recent cancer treatment, so she just suffers with her symptoms and little relief. We started by running a BFB using TENS and then I customized a Spooky2 Program for her based on her medical diagnosis and the BFB results. She rested for 2 hours with the PEMF (BN side down) on her solar plexus as her Spooky2 ‘customized’ Program did its ‘magic. During that time she had no ‘tics’ and went into a deep state of relaxation. She left feeling calm and relaxed. I checked in with her the next day and she said that she was able to sleep undisturbed and felt hopeful for the first time in months. Now I’m wondering about all the other wonderful things I can do with my Spooky2 PEMF…off to experiment on my ‘lab rat’ (hubby) 😜

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2049033678591858/

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