Stage 4 Lymphoma Improved in Less Than a Month and a Half

By | November 22, 2019

A few weeks ago I got the news that a dear friend was diagnosed with a recurrence of Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Two years earlier, she had endured the chemotherapy routine and had been told she was in regression. Within months of that treatment, her lungs became very problematic with fluid building, coughing, and vomiting which became increasingly severe. She ended up in the oncology ward of the local research hospital with pneumonia and was tested for seven days for the cause, and again released with a diagnosis of pneumonia and “Stage 4 Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma”. The expectation was that she would again undergo chemotherapy plus stem cell therapy if she could be made strong enough. Having heard many things about alternative treatments such as Spooky2 Scalar and Plasma, she chose to have me assist her using these life-giving devices instead of what she considered very damaging chemotherapies.

The first two weeks she arrived at my door and literally crawled up the stairs to the equipment. It has been a journey of mind, emotion, and spirit unlike anything one can imagine unless they have experienced it. The decision to choose something that seems so unknown instead of traditional treatments is not an easy one. Even more challenging is the need to trust that life-changing decision was the right one – especially when you are very sick.

We used everything we had available – beginning with the GX scans and treatments and advancing into “Cancer Protocols With Scalar Plus” and soon after combining that with “Cancer Protocols With Plasma Plus”. Oftentimes this wonderful lady was treated with LLLT (Cold Laser), Scalar, Plasma and Remote all at the same time using a variety of protocols relating to blood, lymph, cancer targets, cancer scans and more. The first two weeks was challenging due to her condition and the need to prepare her for “killing” protocols. Decisions in real time had to be made, and they were not always easy.

It has been almost six weeks since she arrived at my door and her husband called last night asking if it is okay if they do not drop by until Friday. That will be three days since the last time she was here. The change is absolutely wonderful. Instead of crawling up the stairs, she is walking them with her head high. Instead of walking in the door each morning with terror on her face, she smiles and greets the cat with joy. All in less than a month and a half.

She now uses a Spooky2 Scalar in her own home, which I assist her in running.

We deeply understand the need for information and trust in such urgent and critical situations. These are after all our lives we are making decisions about. With our experiences, we are very pleased and confident that she made the right choice for her life.

Spooky2 works. I see it every single day. We are so grateful to everyone at Spooky2. The future is bright and promising!


2 thoughts on “Stage 4 Lymphoma Improved in Less Than a Month and a Half

  1. Bob James

    Very encouraging. I just order a kit to help a mother of six young children who is stage 4 of inflammatory breast cancer. Median survival after diagnosis, 2 years 6 months. At age 71, this by far the worst thing I have seen in our family.


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