Tapeworms, Intestinal Parasites, Candida, Nicotine Detox, Craving, Withdrawal

By | April 28, 2016

A recent post on this forum got me to investigate the Spooky2 rife like software, signal generator, remote, pulse, and electrodes. The setup is very inexpensive, for me under $300 USD including the shipping for a XM 10 Mhz generator and the items listed above. I have a friend with a bad case of tapeworms, and I tried the Tapeworm programs with the electrodes and my friend could feel a Tapeworm die off.

That night I used the Spooky Remote to run programs all night, and my friend reported a great nights sleep that night. I’ve been running programs from the spooky2 database to handle the worm and the eggs with great results. I also tried this on another friend who has cerebral palsy, using the electrodes, and he reported a greater degree of movement and freedom in his affected arm.

I used Spooky2 with a friend who is trying to cut quit cigarettes, using the Remote device and the included nicotine detox/craving/withdrawal program, and this friend is reporting no cravings. Respiratory: It’s nearly 2 weeks since my spooky 2 arrived, and being a bit of a technophobe, I’ve been taking my time getting to grips with it. Lol!

I still have a long way to go! But even with my limited capability, am feeling quit amazed at the changes. This week I have had the spooky remote on overnight and during the day sometimes. I haven’t worked out how to change the frequencies from the first set I put in. I have tried, but it just defaulted back to the original set.

Nevertheless, I seem to be having some success ! And not just in the stuff I intended to tackle with that first set of frequencies, but with seemingly unrelated stuff too! The frequencies that I put in were for Candida, giardia, intestinal parasites and general detox. The stubborn cough I’ve been trying to get rid of is on its way out. The burning sensation in my diaphragm is gone. Under my tongue was feeling weird, now feels normal and healthy.

Also, had some vague sensation in a dead tooth (not root canalled) that something was going on In there and being neutralized. I know this is early days for me and spooky2, but so far very promising I imagine how effective it is and could be once I learn to use it properly!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2success/permalink/480045992183020/

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