Teeth pain resolved

By | September 9, 2022

RESOLVED: Teeth pain
Three and a half months ago I had three mercury fillings removed and replaced with white fillings. This resulted in over three months of excruciating pain. I put a post on here asking for solutions and I received many kind comments offering solutions. I tried them all, especially nerve pain healing, teeth complex healing and the DH-212 program. These all helped somewhat but I still had a lot of pain. I went back to the dentist nine times as fillings were too high, bonding was left, not enough gap between fillings… After the ninth visit they said there was nothing else they could do, but i was still in a lot of pain.
Then someone sent me a message to try Homeopath Arnica and Hypericum – both of these are in Spooky2 programs. They both may assist healing of dental procedures, arnica also assists healing nerves. I ran both of these several times a day.
At the same time someone else suggested I heal the meridians associated with the teeth that were hurting. Within a week of running the homeopaths and meridians both on remote healing, my teeth are healed, I no longer have any pain. With both of these, I felt they healed at the emotional level.
Thank you to everyone who supported me through this difficult time and took the time share and help x

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2315603371934886/

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