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By | April 12, 2016

This was originally posted by myself at the rife forum.com but is no longer available. I decided to post this experience and frequencies used in treating testicular cancer tumor here so that the information is not lost.

Please note I do not have health insurance and so cannot see a doctor for cancer treatment and therefore have not verified tumor findings with a CAT scan or similar method. But over many years, have responded very well to cancer treatment with Rife and classical radionics device and therefore have a good idea of what works and what does not.

Please note, that 727/728, 2008 and 2128 Hz are three main cancer frequencies commonly used and known in the Rife community. I previously responded well to 2128 Hz on a Doug Coil and used it to fight what I believed to be two cancer tumors in the brain and one small one in the lung.

With a Doug Coil, with such an intense pulsing magnetic field one can literally feel tumors vibrate and heat up. Followed by extremely horrific herx. The reason is tumors have a tendency to increase in size before they decrease which is problematic for brain and lung tumors and therefore need to go slow to limit swelling.

I contacted Johann Stegmann in 10/2012 for further help locating other tumors and was contacted back with testicular tumor and enlarged prostate. I was originally kicked in the testicles and had off and on pain in the area for 20 years and I assume is where the pain and possibly cancer tumor was caused by.

Please note that after treatment, when Tania saw no further tumorthat the pain still continued but a smaller amount. However, the pain after many months slowly went away.

Also, note in the below information, the information that I originally posted on the rifeforum, that an increase in symptoms and ill feeling occurred during treatment. Treating too fast one can get ill, very ill in my experience.

Currently, 12/2013 Richard Loyd did an energetic test and LYV, MAV, LEV, CAV, SAV was tested at 120. With SAV in lung. This is important to note in that those with cancer need constant maintenance to prevent a cancer recurrence. This moderately high score I need to be more vigilant of cancer treatment.

Here is the information that was originally posted on the rife forum.com which is important to note for those with testicular tumors as there is very little information in the rife community. The equipment used was a F-165 with a SC-1A. Similar to spooky which uses quantum entanglement.
Over a couple years, have run random cancer frequencies and Cancer General frequencies and frequencies for other ailments as well as occasional use of high voltage negative static electricity (to inhibit viruses). Many cancer programs would be helpful for sometime until it appeared to no longer be beneficial and so discontinued. Symptoms would come and go.

Stopped all Rife and Radionics at 10/20 so that I can get a baseline of what needs to be treated. Major increase in symptoms, including neurological symptoms after a week of not using Rife, including Rash… especially after eating.

11/7 Received email from Johann. Original size of testicular tumor – 2 cm

11/7 ran Prostate cancer frequencies for 1 1/2 hours at 100% intensity. Minor agitation so turned off to allow to sleep. 10 nails are randomly placed all over SC-1A.

11/8 ran testicular and prostate frequencies in an endless loop. Felt very good and can feel something occuring. Rash on chest is reduced (Dermatomyositis?).

11/9 Detox symptoms. Tired, Parkinson’s like symptoms such as shaking, leaning forward, hard to walk and balance, concentration, short term memory problems especially rather than short as well as long-term memory loss as in before Rife, unable to read long sentences, no vertigo (unlike when not treating for cancer).

11/10 Detox symptoms. Very shaky and balance problems continue and tired. Still running endless loop. Later in the day felt very good with energy followed. Pain appears to be gone in testicules. Rash is greatly lessened. Breathing is very easy with no asthma like symptoms.

11/11 Early morning 3:30 am email testicular tumor is 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm. Woke up feeling fairly good. A few hours later I started to not feel well. Stopped Prostate/Testicular Program and Started running Detox program 10:30 -12:30 and immediately started using Prostate/Testicular frequencies again. Rest of day felt lousy and feels as though I’m not making progress anymore. Lowered intensity from 50% – 34%.
11/12 10:30 a.m. email from Johann “The testicle tumor is now 1cm by 1cm. The prostate’s size is half as large as it was at the start. Your immune system and lymph system needs urgent attention. Please do not neglect these.”.

Woke up feeling very ill. My initial thoughts a lower intensity may give faster results in reduction of tumor. Turned Prostate/Testicular frequencies off and turned detox frequencies on at 34% intensity for 6 hours. Herxing is too much. Took 2 ibuprofen and stopped Rife frequencies for two hours. Feel better and resumed Prostate frequencies again.

11/13 “The testicle tumor is now 0.5 by 0.5. The prostate did shrink again but not so much as before.” Feel much better 8 out of 10 for average of day. Still running prostate frequencies.
11/14 Ran Detox frequencies for 4 hours 12:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m. Ran Prostate/Testicular frequencies immediately after.

11/15 Ran Detox frequencies from 3 1/2 hours 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Received email “The testicle tumor is now very small – almost gone. The prostate is almost the normal size. You are doing well.” Ran lymph frequencies and mycoplasma fermentans immediately after.
repeat 10
#Propionibacterium acnes
duty 55
pulse 64 75
dwell 1
sweep 5996.1 6078.1 .03125
#1 hour 42 minutes

duty 71.5
dwell 360
fuzz 1 .03125
#1 hour 42 minutes
#Prostate Cancer
dwell 180
#3 minutes each Cancer_prostate –

20, 60, 72, 95, 125, 666, 727, 787, 790, 766, 800, 920, 1998, 1875, 442, 2008, 2127, 2128, 2217, 2720, 2050, 2250, 5000, 2130, 2120, 690, 304

#3 minutes each Cancer_prostate_1 –

2128, 2125, 2131, 2140, 2145, 666, 3672

dwell 240



dwell 300



dwell 900

#15 minutes each Prostatitis_1 –

2050, 2250

dwell 480

#Cells Of Leudig for 8 min – Seminferous tubules in the testicles; produces testosterone


dwell 180

#Seminal Vesiculitis 3 min each – Inflammation of the seminal vesicles; most often secondary to prostatitis; testicles.–

393, 433, 18644.52

#Blood cleanser

dwell 180

727 787 880 2008 2127 5000

end repeat

label loop
dwell 240
#Immune system stimulation
8 20 120 304 432 464 665 728 800 880 1488 1862 200 2128 2180 2489 2720 2791 2855 2867 2929 3176 3347 3448 4014 5000 5611 10000
#Blood cleanser
dwell 180
727 787 880 2008 2127 5000
#Detox throughout the body
dwell 90
2.4 5.8 6.3 7.8 20 26 35 60 72 125 165 200 444 465 522 588 600 625 650 666 685 690 727 760 776 787 802 832 880 1250 1500 1550 1850 2127
goto loop

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