Thank you and the Spooky Team for all you do

By | September 7, 2017

First, let me thank you and the Spooky Team for all you do.

I have had a Mediconsult PEMF/MRS system (aka Swiss Bionic) for about 3 1/2 years. Some of my own Spooky experiences have left me with my jaw on the floor on how well Spooky worked but sometimes programs don’t work and I am left wondering. Sorry for being a doubter. Regardless, I wanted to put together a definitive experiment to test your Schumann Resonance Protocol.

I engaged Person #1 (P1) who is a certified technician in Dark Field Microscopy. I ran into P1 a number of years ago through some people I met at Mediconsult. P1 was going back to Maryland for Christmas. We arranged to test your protocol on some of her family members. She took blood samples from herself, her mother and her sister. P1’s blood was not too bad, her mother showed signs of rouleaux and her sister blood was showing a serious rouleaux formation. See attached video “before”. In fact, her sister looks like the “before” in the video. I started the program and ran it for 1 hour before P1 took some more samples. Suffice it to say all of the blood looked to improve to what the “after” looks like in the video. The rouleaux disappeared in the RBC and the white blood cells expanded to about 3 times their former size. I know if this happens the WBC actually become more active in tracking pathogens and suspect we have effected their activity no differently. P1’s sister had been having migraine headaches the day before and day of treatment and they disappeared.

Link can be found on the user forum.

We can certainly draw 2 significant conclusions. First the remote worked flawlessly. P1’s home in Maryland is exactly 1500 miles from me and Spooky in Castle Rock, CO. Second, your protocol is equally flawless. P1 said Spooky was every bit as effective as any PEMF/MRS device she has ever seen. My regret is not taking a sample after a shorter period of time. The before and after of the MRS device was only 8 minutes. That can be a future experiment. I would bet almost any amount Spooky can eliminate the Rouleaux in minutes if not seconds. P1 has a video but we cannot create a soft file today but we will over the next month when we upgrade her software.

Here is another thought. I don’t know how familiar you are with the PEMF/MRS devices but they have intensity levels. My device has 7 levels. Lower levels are your usual daily levels and during the day you can certainly go to the highest level. If you use the highest intensity level after 6PM plan to be up for a while because it definitely will energize you. Olympic athletes use the low levels for warm up and the high levels for actual competition. I have noted with your protocol that it does not adversely affect sleep. I believe the remote is actually a better delivery mechanism than the coils in the mats but I may be guessing.

This experiment confirms that the Spooky 5M is just as effective as a PEMF/MRS as many of the ones currently on the market. I suspect that Spooky will prove to be more flexible than these machines as we try more experiments and verify results.

I would like to suggest to the team that your protocol be used as part of the detox as a first step. Sick blood cannot detox the body effectively. As the video shows after treatment the blood cells are gorged with oxygen, they are also in a much better position to removes toxins more effectively.
Nice job on the protocol Jeff.


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