The Magic of Spooky2 for Treating Burns

By | February 17, 2020

Hey all.

I’m so happy to be able to share something with photo proof of the magic of Spooky2.

I know it works I just haven’t been able to show it.

I don’t have a before pic but I’m sure we all know what burns can look like.
I picked up a hot plate from the oven.

This is the burn 38 hrs later. (a middle finger for those who can’t see it)
The fact I feel I need to put a red square around it shows just how well it has healed.

But the best part was the pain! What pain?

It WAS Sooo painful even after the 20mins underwater but as soon as I put the tens pads on and used both burn and the emu & vitamin E frequencies the pain stopped and even when it was done the pain didn’t come back.

I was given painkillers and told not to be a hero. But I didn’t touch them and I’m still a hero. A Spooky hero! Haha.

It’s great when we see proof of the work.

I’m also treating cancer which I can’t see so this helps my mental positivity too.



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