The pain he was experiencing is GONE.

By | October 5, 2018

Our first purchase was the Advanced Kit — 4 XM generators with attachments.
About 6 weeks later we purchased the Spooky Plasma and an additional XM generator.
In the 3+ months that we have been using Spooky2 my husband has had some wonderful results!

The pain he was experiencing is GONE. He had been in so much pain (involving groin, back, and sometimes kidney) that he was taking very hot baths every couple of hours and using cold packs alternately. He had become so weak, that he needed a cane AND support to walk to the bathroom. He also needed help lifting his legs just to get into and out of bed. The back-groin-hip pain was such that he could only sleep in one or two very particular positions and needed to be on the couch. Additionally, his heart rate and blood pressure had suddenly become high.
Both heart rate & blood pressure have come back to normal. He no longer needs any help walking or getting in/out of bed, and can now sleep in a bed rather than only on the couch, and can sleep on both sides again.
He has good color again, and his energy & stamina are MUCH improved.
His appetite is back and he has gained back some much-needed weight.
He is resuming normal activities like doing light yard work, brief sessions on his elliptical, 20-minute bike rides, and even making a meal now and then (which he enjoys doing).
He feels SO MUCH BETTER … even walks around whistling again. :-0

We have no medical evidence yet that his situation is changing, but many pieces of evidence in his general well being, energy & activity levels!
They will rerun his PSA in November and we are expecting a good report. He has been taking testosterone suppressing injections since mid-July, however, at that point (after just a few weeks of Spooky2 use) the pain was already gone his appetite had already returned, and he had begun to regain the weight he had lost … all before starting the Lupron injections.
We are so thankful to have found Spooky2 and greatly appreciate all your support & help!


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