The Stye in My Eye Had Gone Away

By | November 1, 2021

Two days ago I woke up with a terrible stye in my left eye. I took a homeopathic For it and I thought it will probably go away and start healing but by the next morning I had a terrible bruise under my eye, it was super puffy and started to feel more painful to blink.
At that point I decided enough was enough and got the stye program on my plasma generator. I also added a few strep and staph frequencies just for good measure. Then I did it again in the evening and this morning there was 0 bruising, the stye had gone away and there was a tiny bit of swelling. I couldn’t finish my program this morning, but anyhow right now I can’t even believe that my eye is completely normal!
I wish I took a photo of what it looked like – it was as if someone gave me a black eye and now back to perfect. I’ll do one more cycle of the program before bed but really wanted to share the results with everyone!

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