Tumor finally shrinks

By | October 5, 2018

I’m working to heal my Mycosis Fungoides.

The Spooky2-XM generator helped to get more energy and detox, but it was was very difficult to do the scan, because of the needed time, not moving etc…
So I bought the X-Generator in june.

Before I did a lot for my health concerning nutrition, meditation, sport, but the last 10 years were extremly hard (nurse my mother demented, divorce, renovation of the house, profession destroyed ect.) Even though, because of meditation, I got along quite good mentally, but I underestimate the stress for my body…

Two years ago the red spot on my skin, exactly above my heartchakra, began to swell. A tumor had developed.
At the same time very quickly skin-candida apeared all over my body, I got a snapping thumb, aching jointe, my hair shed.

I got a scananalyse with a rife-machine, called vitatech, and a lot of heavy metals were found. My stress-metabolism couldn`t get rid of this stuff enough.
So I began to take zeolith, natron, curcuma, chorella and this helped a lot to get fast rid of the candida, the hair stopped shielding after 8 days.
I took DMSO with Colloidal Gold. The tumor didn’t grow anymore but still stayed…
I kept on changing the milieu of my intercellular matrix and detox. I knew, when I would do the right things, cancer would disappear again. But obviously, it wasn´t enough or/and I didn`t spot the basic cause. Time was running.
Then I found the spooky2 last December and applied it.
Finally, with all the mentioned above, after some meditation-sessions about a broken heart, the change came with the generator-X.
I did the following programs:
all the experimental programs/remote of david halliday
scan and run, daily several times
cancer/contact /GX-cancer in combination with 3x shrink tumors, daily

Now since 2 weeks the tumor is shrinking and that took a big load of my mind.

At least, I think, one has really to have all these factors in mind to get a result.
Without the effective programs and scans, I could have detoxed for years without getting control again of my health.
And vice versa.
I think, without weaken the tumor by destroying the protect-mechanism of the cancer cells by the programm SHRINK TUMORS, it is very difficult to reduce it again at this state.
My doc reports, when he observes his patients, that it is more and more difficult, because of the environmental pollutions, exposures and stress to stay healthy. The support of spooky2 is so precious.

So thank you to all the inventors so much for your work, it is so valuable for mankind.
Big hug! 😀

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