Using Spooky to Treat Cyst

By | June 3, 2016

Meeches got an big cyst on his jaw after I started introducing spooky2 colloidal silver in his drinking water to prevent having to deworm every 3 months with medicines that are easily developed resistance to. This cat is the one who is constantly being for food and does not care to hunt, and has gained excessive weight (poor purr guy).

I started him on remote staphoccocus and general bacteria infections sets when hubby told me about his cyst, and I felt the size of it. It ran for 12 hours, and the cyst grew larger and further by about 10%.

He had 6 hours off the machine, that afternoon we first lanced the cyst with saline and a CS sterilized exacto knife, stopping as soon as he pushed fully away with his front paws. Then I gave 48 hours (still running) on essential oils basil, accelerate healing 1 and 2, (the cyst reduced in size on this setting) and he scratched at the scab himself and burst the large marble (like from a cheap marble-game set from the toy store, the biggest maybe of the set, wider than an American quarter in circumference)-sized cyst. The blood and fluid from it spread about 1 and 1/2 foot in width (watery) on hubby’s desk, and the cat licked up half of the spill himself and went out to clean more.

The liquid from the dead cyst will help prime his small-intestine immune system more for making antibodies against the infectious agents.

This is working as a proof of concept of remote treatment for hubby.

Our desire is to see the wound healed in 4 more days (7 days from first discovery of cyst), and then I will consider the terrain protocol for them… Both Meeches and his little brother, Cream.

I thank God through and through for providing this tool and inspiring people to using their gifts to our benefit!!


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