Various Lyme Problems Were Fixed Using Spooky2

By | January 11, 2020

I’ve been treating myself for 3 years. It should’ve been a lot shorter but with brain fog, it was difficult to read, and every time I tried to work on the Morgellons and Lyme protocol it gave me a big Herx reaction (headache, etc). So I just spent most of the time detoxing and treating my pains.

But at long last, at the start of this year, I began the M&L protocol and I’m now up to protocol no.47. 3 years ago someone took a video of me and I was shocked to see I walked like an old man. A couple of months ago, at 45 yrs old after having suffered from various Lyme problems for over 20 years, I didn’t only start going back to running again, I’m even sprinting (and I’ve had a lot of knee pain for most of my life, which I also discovered is due to Lyme).

I had a long list of symptoms, but Spooky2 seems to be fixing all of them. It’s beyond what I ever dared hope for.



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