Verruca Program was Effective on My Friend’s Warts

By | April 1, 2021

Success Story!
My friend has a lot of issues, gout, diabetes, overweight and has warts all over her body! Has been taking meds for warts with no success!! I wanted to help her but she’s afraid she’ll start growing monkey parts!! So I managed to convince her to let me try the Verruca program on the XM on remote with a fingernail !! Three days later, her smaller warts are just falling off!! The larger ones are turning an ashy white, she said that’s a sign they’re getting ready to fall off!! I’m so happy!! This was on remote, she lives about 20 miles from me! My other girlfriend is also having success getting treatment via remote on an XM, she has lost 10 lbs! I’ve got my Mom on for Alzheimer’s and Glaucoma on my GX, waiting patiently to see progress there!!! Loving Spooky2!


2 thoughts on “Verruca Program was Effective on My Friend’s Warts

  1. Edgar

    Es sorprendente que haya sido negada esta gran inventiva, el Dr Rife debe estar junto al coro celestial lleno de alegría oor cumolir su misión. Desarrollemos mas equios y pongamoslo a disposición de la gente con mucha discreción!


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