We continue to see improvements with our kitty, my husband, and me

By | August 26, 2022

The most impressive testimony is for my nineteen-year-old cat, Kishka. I continue to be amazed at the improvement my kitty shows daily, despite the fact that last year, his health was declining rapidly, and I was mentally preparing myself for his death:( His kidneys were failing, he had trouble walking because of a horrific back injury he suffered when he was younger, and he was plagued with constipation that was agitated by his weak back.

Along came Spooky to save the day. I started Kishka on a Spooky2 generator with terrain and added programs to help his kidneys, liver, lymph, etc. to function better. I included programs to help his back pain and constipation issues and the improvement within a week was remarkable.
Being a big fan of Nikola Tesla, I was already aware of the benefits of scalar energy. I told my husband that we needed to purchase a scalar machine and so we did. Adding scalar to our antennary has been the icing on the cake.
We are all benefiting from scalar, but Kishka is thriving. He absolutely loves to bask in the healing scalar energy field and the effects are remarkable.
His health continues to improve. His eyes are now bright and clear, his appetite has improved and he’s gaining weight, his fur is growing in thick and soft, he is walking with strength in his legs, his elimination and kidney function are improving, and he, once again, is VERY vocal like he used to be! He seems to think that the space in the Scalar field is his and the rest of us have to compete for his spot!
Seriously, purchasing Spooky2 scalar was a very wise decision, and we continue to see improvements not only with Kishka but for our other kitty, my husband, and me. Thank you Spooky2!
Please see attached picture of our miracle 19-year-old cat, Kishka!

Source: Karen Dowers

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