Wonderful outcome!

By | December 8, 2016

Wonderful outcome! Ran some healing, not killing, cold, sinusitis and flu frequencies. Everyone at work has been sick with this nasty cold and sore throats that has moved into their chests. Many have lingering sinus issues and croupy cough for weeks. My daughter works at same facility. She has Lyme and her immune system is garbage with chronically low white counts. This in turn sets her up to pick up every virus, etc, “offered” to her. She came home feeling miserable with all the symptoms. I started the frequencies by healing remote to keep them more mild, because she always herxes big time too. Within 12-24 hours she was feeling better! Kept the set running for 3 more days to be sure she was in the clear. She quickly became “a true believer”. Look out college finals, here she comes……..HEALTHY! Love this Spooky2!

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