Work on arthritis, osteoporosis and stiffness, muscle retreat older person

By | May 28, 2018

For a year, my grandmother has retracted knees (flexum), hamstring and strong pain (arthritis) knee joints. She can not stretch her legs anymore.
At the base it does not seem that it is a muscular problem, (although it is a prosthesis of the hip following a fall) but due to its fear to get up, to fall, (bedridden for 5 years) and the ashamed to spread the legs (hence the tightness of the thighs and knees), to be seen naked.
Monday 02/04/2018 setting up a remote treatment with the machine spooky2. Rife Machine (Specific Frequencies)
 Minerals – Silica (Collagen formation in bone, cartilage and connective tissue.)
 Knee pain
 Arthritis
 Chakras throat (trachea, bronchi, respiratory system)
 Stimulate muscle healing
 Minerals – Manganese (Brain, Bone, Tyroxine (Thyroid), Collagen, Intestinal Tract, Laryngeal, Liver, Ovaries, Genitals.)
 Regeneration of bones
 Minerals – Boron (Osteoporosis, retains calcium and magnesium in the bones, converts vitamin D, promoting the absorption of calcium.)
 Minerals – Sulfur (joint pain, respiratory diseases liver, bile, skin, wounds.)
 Articular inflammation
 Stimulate healing of ligaments
The program has a duration of 5 hours 30 minutes.
He runs once a day – 5 days / 7 (Monday to Friday) –
Net improvement for 2 months, more flexible articulation, less stiffness, much less complaints of pain, left knees much less fat. raise your knees without difficulty. Do not lengthen your legs, but am positive !! Thank you Spooky and you all !!



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