XM Generator Helped Our Cat

By | July 17, 2019

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share something here regarding our senior citizen in the house. Our 14 year old cat Chloe. She has joint issues now in her old age. She pretty well just plops herself on the living room footstool or in bed and stays there most of the time. My wife found frequencies for joint issues on Youtube. She will run these about everyday and, when it’s done, often Chloe will get up, without hobbling, and go eat. She will also play bladder and kidney frequencies off of there too.

If we feel something more is needed, I will sacrifice my XM generator for our old girl. Well, the other day, my wife was needing that generator for herself. She was going to run some DH presets and so ran the prerequisite Spiritual Wellness and Chakra presets first. After that, she went to run the presets she was needing and then thought to check the remote. It still had Chloe’s claw nail in it! She forgot to get it out and put her fingernail in. Chloe was roaming all over the house, sniffing things and then wanted to go outside, just as if she were a few years younger. Those presets were nice for her. I doubt if we would still have here if it wasn’t for the frequencies, either from the generators or off of Youtube.

Thank you,

XM helped Cat

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